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Ultimate Mother’s Day at home, 2020 edition!!

The My Cute Closet ultimate guide to the ultimate Mother’s Day at home, 2020 edition!! This will most definitely be a Mother’s Day to remember!! I have written this ultimate guide for all you overworked and under appreciated mothers out there to ensure that your Mother’s Day at home is more memorable than this awful Covid-19 pandemic!! . A perfect Mother’s Day starts the day before.  Make a ‘detailed’ cleaning rota for the whole family and put them all to work. Getting kids to clean the house may require bribes (it’ll be sooooo worth it).  The best start to the ultimate Mother’s Day is waking up to a home that resembles a beautiful show house with zero housework to do...

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We salute you Jacob W. Davis 👖

The guy who invented jeans was a total genius, don’t you think? So much so that we all think it should be spelt jeanius, ok maybe just me! The year was 1873 and his name was Jacob W. Davis and he originally created a denim work wear for Cowboys and Miners. Oh, how jeans have evolved since then.. Could you just imagine Cowboys and Miners turning up for work in their super skinny, low rise jeans! Oh Lordy, the builders bum could be called something completely different like the Cowboys crevice 😂. But seriously, how frickin awesome is a really good pair of jeans? A good fitting pair of skinny’s can take you from supermarket to superstar! In fact you...

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Red Red Red Red Red!!

Get red-dy for Red! Yeah, you red that right, I said red. Browse any high end designer websites like Valentino or Gucci and you’ll see beautiful clothes in shades and prints of red. Let’s cut the red tape here, you don’t need your bank balance to get in the red, to wear red, I got ya girl. It has been predicted to be one of the hottest colors for spring/summer 2018, along with pastels and neutral tones. No need to be on red alert here, I have cherry picked some gorgeous pieces for you, even if I do say so myself (is my face red?) I will have you looking like the lady in red, in a fiery blaze of...

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Help, i’ve NOTHING to wear 😱

You’re not sure what to wear? An impromptu engagement has just come up and your closet never looked so meh!! You’ve tried on every floral dress and printed top that you own but they just aren’t right.

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