Red Red Red Red Red!!

Get red-dy for Red! Yeah, you red that right, I said red. Browse any high end designer websites like Valentino or Gucci and you’ll see beautiful clothes in shades and prints of red. Let’s cut the red tape here, you don’t need your bank balance to get in the red, to wear red, I got ya girl. It has been predicted to be one of the hottest colors for spring/summer 2018, along with pastels and neutral tones. No need to be on red alert here, I have cherry picked some gorgeous pieces for you, even if I do say so myself (is my face red?) I will have you looking like the lady in red, in a fiery blaze of color, ready to walk the red carpet and paint the town red. I don’t know what’s come over me I’m so punny all of a sudden 🤗

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