Help, i’ve NOTHING to wear 😱

You’re not sure what to wear? An impromptu engagement has just come up and your closet never looked so meh!! You’ve tried on every floral dress and printed top that you own but they just aren’t right.

No more fretting my lovely ladies, you can wear a solid color. All white looks super sophisticated although it has a limited life span throughout the year, rain splashed white jeans are not sophisticated in the slightest. If you have little kids, you’ll need to plastic wrap that white outfit (ya hear me?)!

Colors can be a bit tricky, I’d recommend wearing a darker shade on the bottom and a lighter version of the same color on top. The walking popsicle look stops being cute after the age of 6.

Do not reserve head to toe black for your gothic phase or those more somber events like funerals. Embrace black, it’s now time for you to move to the dark side, Darth Vader rules in the all black scene, but some might say his look is a little OTT, but to me he is killing it!!  Who doesn’t look good in black? It suits all skin tones, it’s super chic, easy to wear and flatters everyone and oh, did I mention that it’s slimming? Just pop on a pair of heels and some accessories and you are good to go girlfriend.  You will feel elongated, elegant, confident and you’ll look like you are intentionally put together without looking like you tried too hard. 🖤

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